Commercial Green Cleaning Products Work at Home Too

dscn8919Are you on the search for natural cleaners? Read on to find out some of the most common fixes for house problems.

Dirty Floors

If this is your problem then you can simply mix 2 cups of vinegar with 6 cups of warm water. Use this concoction to scrub the floor and let dry. This will work best if you clean the house using a rag.

Filthy Windows

Put a club of baking soda in a spray bottle then you can spray the ingredient on the windows of your home. After which, you can wipe clean the glass with a rag.

Shine-less Woods

This is easy to be remedied. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with a portion of olive oil. You can merely pour this mixture on a clean dust rag and rub it into the wood through circular motion. If you wish, it would also be fine to simply place the mixture inside a spray bottle and simply spray on woods.

After which, you should also wipe the area using a rag in a circular motion. Do not get too excited by placing too much of the ingredients on your wood furniture if you do not like to spend your hours in wiping away the excess ingredients. Keep in mind that less is more.

Grimy Tub and Tiles

You can mix 2 cups of baking soda with ample amount of water in order to achieve a smooth consistency. Apply the paste into the grimy tub and tile and let it sit for bout 30 minutes. When you are done, rinse off the ingredient using a soft rag in circular motion. You can as well make use of 50/50 part of vinegar and water. Using this rinse will further help in removing residue as it also helps to disinfect the place.

Dirty Carpets

This is not a problem if you only follow the right steps written here. What you need to do is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and wait for 15 minutes or longer depending on the carpet the needs to be cleaned. In doing this, you can either make use of the scented or non-scented version of baking soda.

As you can see, most of the best remedies can be done easily with your own efforts with the best tools and natural cleaners that you can fin in your own homes. Cleaning your homes should never put your family’s health into risks as well as your environment. If you are such a busy person and you don’t have enough time to prepare such ingredients or cleaning recipes, you might as well go for commercial green cleaning products which are made from organic materials thus they are safe and effective to use.

These natural cleaning products are great replacements for those harmful cleaning aid that you were using. To find out more about these natural cleaning products, ask some friends who have been using them as more and more people are now going green. Don’t be fooled by those commercial green cleaning products and make the difference not just in your home cleaning but also in saving the world.

How to Wash Exterior Windows Properly

How many times do you wash your windows? Most people don’t do it that often because it’s a hassle. Others enjoy washing exterior windows during a bright sunny day in Spring. If a window is too high, you are less likely to clean it. For most, residential window washing is done using a newspaper and spray cleaner such as Windex. To enhance shine, cloths are used on the window surface.

What is the right procedure to clean windows like a professional?

Here are some items that you will need:

  • Bucket
  • Gallon of water
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Rubbing alcohol

The last two items are optional but they are highly recommended for the DIY type.

Option 1

To wash exterior windows, use strip applicators. They have a long cloth that soaks up soapy water. The cloth will not scratch window glass when cleaning since it’s very soft. During cleaning, clothes will remove stubborn grease from the windows.

Use a squeegee to wipe off the excess soapy solvent. Wipe from the left to the right in a curved position. You should imitate a wiper cleaning a windshield on a vehicle. Wipe the squeegee after every round using a dry microfiber cloth. Using a damp cloth, wipe off any water that is on the glass. To dry windowsills, use a rag.

You can clean multi panes using the above method. The only difference is that windows are cleaned from top to bottom rather than left to right.

When cleaning windows that are too high, a scrub brush that has an extension pole is very useful. Alternatively, you can use a ladder and clean the windows as explained above. Small windows, however, do not need a bucket for cleaning. You can use a spray bottle just as efficiently.

Option 2

Mix the ingredients and gently scrub your windows using a squeegee. Rinse the windows thoroughly with lots of water. Leave the windows to dry. The windows will be shiny and stain free.

A great tip is to avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing your cleaning solution under direct sunlight too to prevent if from warming up.

How to get rid of stubborn stains gently

You will notice stubborn stains after cleaning. Sprinkle some soapy liquid on the spots and then use steel wool to remove the stains. Once the stains are gone, wipe the window using a soft cloth.

Realistically, there will always be stubborn stains after awhile. Exterior windows always have dirt and grime that piles up over time. It’s inevitable.

How to take care of your squeegee

A squeegee needs to be fitted with a sharp blade that should be frequently replaced. After prolonged use, the edge of the blade is bound to become blunt and will leave marks and streaks. During storage, nothing should touch the blade. Blades also dry out over time and no longer bend nicely in order to properly wipe water away. This is also a sign that you need to replace the blade.

So we covered a few high level tips to help you get the best experience when you clean your windows.