7 Essential Safety Tips About Electricity

Important Tips for Homeowners

Did you know between 2008- 2011, there were more than 50,000 reported incidences of fire breakout attributed to electrical malfunction? Shocking statistics right? Well, in a recent publication by the National Fire Protection Association, these fires resulted in 1,500 fatalities, 500 deaths and $1 billion of damage. While electricity comes with a myriad of merits, its abuse, neglect and misuse can be catastrophic. The following article seeks to enlighten the electrical safety tips every homeowner should have at his or her fingertips.

Schedule check-ups

This is particularly important to those who own relatively older homes. The electrical panels of old homes are not built to be able to sustain the modern electrical load. Scheduling for routine check-ups by a fully registered and licensed electrician will go a long way in keeping electrical fires at bay. This is really the main cause of fires in older homes so it’s important to have your home assessed regardless of the cost.

Always remember to cut off the power

Before working on any electrical outlet, always remember to switch off the power from the circuit-breaker box. This is the only surest way to ensure there are no electric currents going through the appliance as you are working on them. Trust me on this, the last thing you want is to touch an exposed grounded wire assuming that there isn’t any power. Don’t become a statistic.

Avoid overloading the outlets

Outlets are designed to release a certain amount of electrical energy. Over-plugging a single outlet with multiple high voltage appliances can be disastrous. It is recommended to always un-plug the appliances that are not in use to reduce the stress from the outlet.

Always have your electrician’s number on speed dial

If you have no clue on what to do, it’s recommended to call an expert for assistance. Your electrician is well versed with electricity and its components and engaging his or services may help avert fatal accidents that may result in death. This is especially important for the DIY type. Leave the electrical components of your project to the experts.

Know what the breakers are signaling

Every time your breaker trips, this means something is wrong with the circuit. The tripping may be a result of simultaneously running multiple gadgets and appliances on the same circuit path. However, this can be solved by rearranging the gadgets and appliances on different circuit paths. But if your breaker does trip often without any apparent reason, this may be due to an underlying malfunction. Always contact your electrician whenever your breaker misbehaves in this manner. You need to get this fixed.

Tamper-resistant receptacles

This is a must have for any home with kids. Kids are incredibly curious and to cut their curiosity short, they may try to insert objects into the power outlet that may result in electrocution. However, fitting tamper resistant receptacles will protect your loved ones from fatal injuries and death.

Fire extinguishers

Never use water to extinguish fire caused by electrical failure or any other malfunction. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity meaning it will do more serious harm than good when utilized to extinguish fire. Nonetheless, ensure your home has at least one functional extinguisher and train your family members on how to use it in case of a fire breakout. It is important to place the extinguisher in a spot that is easily accessible.