Commercial Green Cleaning Products Work at Home Too

dscn8919Are you on the search for natural cleaners? Read on to find out some of the most common fixes for house problems.

Dirty Floors

If this is your problem then you can simply mix 2 cups of vinegar with 6 cups of warm water. Use this concoction to scrub the floor and let dry. This will work best if you clean the house using a rag.

Filthy Windows

Put a club of baking soda in a spray bottle then you can spray the ingredient on the windows of your home. After which, you can wipe clean the glass with a rag.

Shine-less Woods

This is easy to be remedied. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with a portion of olive oil. You can merely pour this mixture on a clean dust rag and rub it into the wood through circular motion. If you wish, it would also be fine to simply place the mixture inside a spray bottle and simply spray on woods.

After which, you should also wipe the area using a rag in a circular motion. Do not get too excited by placing too much of the ingredients on your wood furniture if you do not like to spend your hours in wiping away the excess ingredients. Keep in mind that less is more.

Grimy Tub and Tiles

You can mix 2 cups of baking soda with ample amount of water in order to achieve a smooth consistency. Apply the paste into the grimy tub and tile and let it sit for bout 30 minutes. When you are done, rinse off the ingredient using a soft rag in circular motion. You can as well make use of 50/50 part of vinegar and water. Using this rinse will further help in removing residue as it also helps to disinfect the place.

Dirty Carpets

This is not a problem if you only follow the right steps written here. What you need to do is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and wait for 15 minutes or longer depending on the carpet the needs to be cleaned. In doing this, you can either make use of the scented or non-scented version of baking soda.

As you can see, most of the best remedies can be done easily with your own efforts with the best tools and natural cleaners that you can fin in your own homes. Cleaning your homes should never put your family’s health into risks as well as your environment. If you are such a busy person and you don’t have enough time to prepare such ingredients or cleaning recipes, you might as well go for commercial green cleaning products which are made from organic materials thus they are safe and effective to use.

These natural cleaning products are great replacements for those harmful cleaning aid that you were using. To find out more about these natural cleaning products, ask some friends who have been using them as more and more people are now going green. Don’t be fooled by those commercial green cleaning products and make the difference not just in your home cleaning but also in saving the world.

The Importance Of Quality Roofing

Your roof functions like an umbrella over the house protecting you from rain, snowfall and the scorching sun. It is another constructive purpose like the walls and floor. If you neglect a small drip problem however, it only gets worse.

Importance of Quality Roofs: What points should be considered while designing an ideal roof? It should have a strong structure so that you are not constantly in a ‘head up’ kind of situation. The most important aspect to be considered while designing a roof would be its long life. A roof basically protects the inner structure of the house and its occupants from natural climatic occurrence like rain. Always give a lot of thought when you decide to invest in a new roof for your house.

Don’t opt for cheap material to save a few bucks. Using cheap and low quality material will cost you in the long run. The roofs made using these B-grade material never last long. They start deteriorating faster, allowing water to seep through easily. Besides, it is not as if you change the roof every year. Look at it as a long term investment.

Choosing an appropriate roof design. Unfortunately, some find it really confusing to choose the right design for the roof, mainly due to the number of options available to them. The choices available today include metal roofing, plastic roofing, asphalt, etc. Material like stone, slate, etc. are still used in the modern roofing technology by enthusiasts who want to keep the old school structures alive. A common mistake made by people while redesigning a roof is not adhering to the climatic factors that prevail in the area. Proper roofing hardly requires any maintenance. For example, good quality wood like cedar, Mediterranean terracotta shingles, etc. last for a very long time. While installing good quality roofs, two aspects should be taken into consideration.

There should be no leakage. Water should not seep through the ceilings. To assure this, a proper coating should be applied to the rooftops. Three coatings are considered ideal. Leakages result if people ignore the roofs for too long, especially if the existent roofing is done with low quality material. If the roof leakage is neglected for too long, the problem may become severe, with the structure deteriorating and affecting the walls of the house.

People have the wrong idea of using quality material for the roof. They feel that good quality material should only be used for constructing new rooftops, whereas the other materials only serve maintenance purposes. This is a very big misconception. While maintaining old roofs, the quality used should be given priority. Moss and algae are never found growing on roofs where the quality standards are maintained. Cost is a big issue in this matter. However, fortunately there are many good, reliable companies out there providing cheap, but good quality material for roofing purposes. These materials are like the clones of metallic shingles that are light in weight and have long life.

7 Essential Safety Tips About Electricity

Important Tips for Homeowners

Did you know between 2008- 2011, there were more than 50,000 reported incidences of fire breakout attributed to electrical malfunction? Shocking statistics right? Well, in a recent publication by the National Fire Protection Association, these fires resulted in 1,500 fatalities, 500 deaths and $1 billion of damage. While electricity comes with a myriad of merits, its abuse, neglect and misuse can be catastrophic. The following article seeks to enlighten the electrical safety tips every homeowner should have at his or her fingertips.

Schedule check-ups

This is particularly important to those who own relatively older homes. The electrical panels of old homes are not built to be able to sustain the modern electrical load. Scheduling for routine check-ups by a fully registered and licensed electrician will go a long way in keeping electrical fires at bay. This is really the main cause of fires in older homes so it’s important to have your home assessed regardless of the cost.

Always remember to cut off the power

Before working on any electrical outlet, always remember to switch off the power from the circuit-breaker box. This is the only surest way to ensure there are no electric currents going through the appliance as you are working on them. Trust me on this, the last thing you want is to touch an exposed grounded wire assuming that there isn’t any power. Don’t become a statistic.

Avoid overloading the outlets

Outlets are designed to release a certain amount of electrical energy. Over-plugging a single outlet with multiple high voltage appliances can be disastrous. It is recommended to always un-plug the appliances that are not in use to reduce the stress from the outlet.

Always have your electrician’s number on speed dial

If you have no clue on what to do, it’s recommended to call an expert for assistance. Your electrician is well versed with electricity and its components and engaging his or services may help avert fatal accidents that may result in death. This is especially important for the DIY type. Leave the electrical components of your project to the experts.

Know what the breakers are signaling

Every time your breaker trips, this means something is wrong with the circuit. The tripping may be a result of simultaneously running multiple gadgets and appliances on the same circuit path. However, this can be solved by rearranging the gadgets and appliances on different circuit paths. But if your breaker does trip often without any apparent reason, this may be due to an underlying malfunction. Always contact your electrician whenever your breaker misbehaves in this manner. You need to get this fixed.

Tamper-resistant receptacles

This is a must have for any home with kids. Kids are incredibly curious and to cut their curiosity short, they may try to insert objects into the power outlet that may result in electrocution. However, fitting tamper resistant receptacles will protect your loved ones from fatal injuries and death.

Fire extinguishers

Never use water to extinguish fire caused by electrical failure or any other malfunction. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity meaning it will do more serious harm than good when utilized to extinguish fire. Nonetheless, ensure your home has at least one functional extinguisher and train your family members on how to use it in case of a fire breakout. It is important to place the extinguisher in a spot that is easily accessible.

A Quick Guide to Becoming a Carpenter

A carpenter is a skilled person capable of erecting commercial and residential buildings, construct roads, bridges and other types of infrastructure. You may be using a broad range of skills such as building stairs, framing walls, installing doors, cabinet making or finished carpentry.

Your duties may include gaining knowledge about blueprints and other specifications, choosing materials and measuring and marking to cut lines in a systematic manner. Apart from this, you may also have to cut and shape wood and other materials and fasten them with glue, nails, and wood in such a way that they remain together. If you choose to work on a rehab project, you need to inspect ceilings, doors, and walls for damage and remove the damaged area.

High School Diploma

If you want to join a carpentry course or apprenticeship program in Ontario, you need a high school diploma otherwise known as an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). This will lay a solid foundation for any carpentry course that you may wish to take in college. Blueprint, drafting, and woodworking are relevant and the school may offer them separately or part of a special course. Courses in geometry, algebra, physics and English are also helpful due to the sheer amount of mathematical equations you will no doubt have to solve throughout your career. And let me tell you they can be tough!

Carpenter’s Helper

Apart from taking a carpentry course, it is best to find work as a carpenter’s helper. When you start working with an experienced tradesman, you may be able to learn the skills of the job in a better way. The experience that you gain can also enable you to gain admission to an apprentice program.

Enroll in Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship or education programs are designed to provide you hands-on experience on how to use the hand and power tools. You also develop fundamental knowledge and skills in assembling construction materials, measuring, handling and altering. The program may also cover topics such as dry walling, foundations, framing, siding, roofing, trim, and safety. Most programs last 1 – 2 years. Check out this program through the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades.


After completing the apprenticeship program, you can gain employment and work for general and specialty contractors and also be self-employed in the building industry if you so wish to do so. Employment can also be found in government agencies, realtors, and manufacturing firms.The opportunities really are endless and the pay scale is quite good.

You may require union membership if you join a union affiliated education or apprenticeship program such as the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario. Joining a carpenter’s union can greatly enhance the employment opportunities. Becoming a union member can also help improve skills as most unions organize workshops for their members at regular intervals.

Career Advancement

There are many avenues for career advancement. You can get a certification in scaffold building (see video below) or pump work and this can open up more avenues for advancing in you chosen career. The training and certification can be part of the union training program or you can join a skills program at a technical school or community college to enhance your skills and advance further in your career as a carpenter.

Getting Back to the Basics of Landscaping

Landscaping is a must know-how skill if you want to give your yard an aesthetic first and lasting impression. However, for most people, landscaping might be an overwhelming experience especially for those who have never done it before. But whether your yards want a total refresh or needs planting, the basic guidelines of setting up interior décor applies to your outside design too. Well, the following article seeks to highlight tips to landscaping for beginners.


Do you want a flower garden? Do your kids need a play space? These are the questions you should first ask yourself to identify with your needs and wants during the planning stage. Planning will help you to systematically organize your idea for the landscape design, furthermore, planning will save a substantial amount of time when you embark on the project. Failing to plan can be compared with the analogy of a ship sailing without compass.

Study the weather pattern

The weather pattern has to be taken into account when landscaping. You might be considering setting up a patio on the west side of your home, but this means it will be exposed to a lot of sunshine , which means dinner time in Summer won’t be relaxing but rather hot and uncomfortable. Most beginners are fond of not adequately studying the wind and sun pattern thereby resulting in failure.

Start small

As the old adage goes, small beginnings makes great ending, you should always start small. In your master plan, it’s only realistic to begin with a relative smaller flowerbed before progressing to large ones as this will give you time to see how things develop. The secret to a beginner’s ultimate success in landscaping is always to take time and doing it in pieces so that you are contended with the final results.

Take into account focal points

Any great landscape design has its focal point that may be a sculpture or perhaps a tree. Focal points draws the eyes and enables one to easily maneuver around while landscaping. Your plan must have at least a focal point that you plan on starting from before spreading.

Scaling and pacing

Well, this undoubtedly is the trickiest part when it comes to landscaping design for beginners. Scaling and placing is important in giving your yard a uniform look. Though there is expected to be a variation in some elements such as color, size and shape, creating a sense of cohesion will go a long way in giving your yard the an aesthetic impression. Cohesion is only achievable through a well thought out scaling and placing.

Consult the experts

It’s always recommended to consult landscaping experts to learn a few tricks. This will go along way in ensuring your project doesn’t turn out to be a big flop. You might borrow an idea or two from them that can result in an outstanding outlook of your yard.

How to Wash Exterior Windows Properly

How many times do you wash your windows? Most people don’t do it that often because it’s a hassle. Others enjoy washing exterior windows during a bright sunny day in Spring. If a window is too high, you are less likely to clean it. For most, residential window washing is done using a newspaper and spray cleaner such as Windex. To enhance shine, cloths are used on the window surface.

What is the right procedure to clean windows like a professional?

Here are some items that you will need:

  • Bucket
  • Gallon of water
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Rubbing alcohol

The last two items are optional but they are highly recommended for the DIY type.

Option 1

To wash exterior windows, use strip applicators. They have a long cloth that soaks up soapy water. The cloth will not scratch window glass when cleaning since it’s very soft. During cleaning, clothes will remove stubborn grease from the windows.

Use a squeegee to wipe off the excess soapy solvent. Wipe from the left to the right in a curved position. You should imitate a wiper cleaning a windshield on a vehicle. Wipe the squeegee after every round using a dry microfiber cloth. Using a damp cloth, wipe off any water that is on the glass. To dry windowsills, use a rag.

You can clean multi panes using the above method. The only difference is that windows are cleaned from top to bottom rather than left to right.

When cleaning windows that are too high, a scrub brush that has an extension pole is very useful. Alternatively, you can use a ladder and clean the windows as explained above. Small windows, however, do not need a bucket for cleaning. You can use a spray bottle just as efficiently.

Option 2

Mix the ingredients and gently scrub your windows using a squeegee. Rinse the windows thoroughly with lots of water. Leave the windows to dry. The windows will be shiny and stain free.

A great tip is to avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing your cleaning solution under direct sunlight too to prevent if from warming up.

How to get rid of stubborn stains gently

You will notice stubborn stains after cleaning. Sprinkle some soapy liquid on the spots and then use steel wool to remove the stains. Once the stains are gone, wipe the window using a soft cloth.

Realistically, there will always be stubborn stains after awhile. Exterior windows always have dirt and grime that piles up over time. It’s inevitable.

How to take care of your squeegee

A squeegee needs to be fitted with a sharp blade that should be frequently replaced. After prolonged use, the edge of the blade is bound to become blunt and will leave marks and streaks. During storage, nothing should touch the blade. Blades also dry out over time and no longer bend nicely in order to properly wipe water away. This is also a sign that you need to replace the blade.

So we covered a few high level tips to help you get the best experience when you clean your windows.

Tips on How to Choose a Plumber

Are you a homeowner struggling to find the right plumber to handle your bathroom repairs? Do you know what qualities to look for when selecting the right plumber? If you are searching for a guide to help you select the right professional plumber, then you have come to the right place. Plumbers offer a wide range of services which includes:water installations and repair, drainage design and installation, refrigeration and air conditioning among others. There are so many benefits that homeowners and commercial buildings can enjoy by engaging the services of a professional plumber. This article will offer all the information that you need to know about identifying the right plumbing contractor to handle your project

Basic Requirements of a professional plumbing Contractor

As discussed above, there are many benefits that you can enjoy upon hiring the right plumber and also there are some consequences that can arise by selecting unqualified plumber. But how can you know that contractor A is qualified and B is unqualified? Let’s look at some of the credentials of professional plumbing contractors that distinguish them from unqualified ones.

Possession of professional contractor license

Most qualified contractors have operating licenses which are obtained from the regulating authorities such as the Ontario College of Trades. In order to obtain such a license the plumber must pass an exam set by the regulating body and also have several years of experience in the field. They are also required to show their financial worthiness to determine their capability to handle complex projects. The licenses are issued by municipalities in their regions of operation.


A qualified contractor will always have insurance to cover against the damages that might occur in the course of the project. He will always have liability and compensation insurance for equipment and workers.


Top-notch plumbing projects will always require plumbers who have with high level of experience. A good contractor must have stayed in the business for long and gained the much needed experience.The plumbers of the contractor must have specialized skills in different aspects of the trade including; sewer treatment, drainage design and emergency projects.


Most professional plumbing contractors always assure their clients that their workmanship is of higher quality and in case a problem develops later they are able to come and rectify it. They should guarantee their workmanship and offer a warranty.


The best contractors will always have a record of clients he has served in the past who were satisfied with his services. He can give contacts of such past clients to prospective clients as his unique selling point. So do ask for references when doing your due diligence.

We hope that you now feel well informed about how to identify the right plumbing contractor for your project. Be sure to use all of the tips given above and you will absolutely get the best contractor available in your areas. Good luck!!